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Always Celebrate!

May 9, 2017

   There are two major events in May that celebrate success.  College graduation celebrates the achievements of our young scholars and Mother's Day celebrates the success of the wonderful women who raised those graduates.  How ironically appropriate that these two events tend to fall on the same weekend, allowing Mom to show how she puts her child first by taking a back-seat to her graduate's shining moment.  

   Although, every Mom who gets to see her son or daughter graduate college receives the gift of pride in knowing she has done her job well.  These two major life events are definitely worth celebrating and even commemorating with a special gift, but there are reasons to celebrate success every day.  Things like meeting a fitness goal, getting a positive comment from your boss at work, or even missing the traffic and making it home early enough to help your spouse make dinner are all reason enough to celebrate.  It is these little achievements that make the "day to day" exciting and joyful. So, celebrate that you arrived at work on time, or that you finally cleaned out under the kitchen sink, or got your two year old to eat his vegetables, we'd love to hear about it.  Whether big or small, any achievement is worth celebrating, Always!