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Making Memories

August 24, 2018

Whether happy or sad, every piece of jewelry has a history. Here at Ketterman’s, we are blessed to hear many heartwarming tales, and some have even evoked tears.

We were recenly allowed  to repurpose a family jewelry piece to preserve the memory of a loved one and wanted to share it with you.  This is a story about a man whose wife passed away, and he and their daughters were heartbroken with the loss of their mother. He came to the store with their simple yellow gold wedding bands to create a commemorative piece, for each of their three daughters.  He wanted the piece to be fore every-day wear and to represent both “mom and dad”, and their love for each other and their family.

Taking both rings, our jeweler melted them together and milled them to create a band for each daughter. The inside of each band was engraved with the couple’s initials, their wedding date and an outline of a heart to complete this sentimental design. The daughters received their new bands shortly before what would have been their parent’s 27th anniversary. 

At Ketterman’s, every story is special to us because it’s special to you!