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The Outfit Says it All 

March 1, 2018

The Outfit Says it All 

   Remember your first day of school?  It was so important to make the right first impression, and usually that meant a lot of planning went into your "First-Day" outfit.  Growing up, those of you who knew us know, Mom (Mrs. Ketterman) would dress us all alike.  This wasn't just for special occasions, it was every day, and it was never shorts and a t-shirt, no, these were outfits.  We would travel to the factories in Pennsylvania and order clothes for my grandmother's children't shop, Acorn Kids, and order a run of the line for the six of us girls to wear.  I'm still not sure if this made it easier or harder on the morning routine, but I do know we almost always matched, from the hair-bows right down to the saddle shoes. 


   The matching uniforms were retired once we each entered middle school, but we still followed a rather strict appearance policy (by today's standards, especially strict).  Mom wanted us to understand that the way you look effects the way you way act, and when we were at school, we were to be working, and we weren't likely to do so if we were wearing pajamas or blue jeans (those were reserved for sleeping and play, respectively).  Although the teasing was brutal at times, the dress code taught me a very important lesson at a very young age, the way you present yourself to the world matters, and it says a lot about you.

   We've gathered a few accessories that can say what you want to say.  Here are two basic outfits that are likely to be found in just about any wardrobe, both of which can support a huge spectrum of what you want to say to the world.  All accessories are currently available at Ketterman's.

In Charge: 1 - Galatea Diamond in a Pearl Pendant, 2 - Ketterman's Diamond Pave' "Huggie" Hoop Earrings, 3 - Dabakarov Black and White Diamond Bracelets, 4 - Brighton "Brett" Work-It Tote, 5 - Brighton "Young" heeled pump  An Icon: 1 - Brighton "Meridian" Sunglasses, 2 - Ivanka Trump Black Onyx Drop Earrings, 3 - Alwand Vahan Bracelets

4 - Brighton "Hepburn Bow" Belt, 5 - Brighton Flirt heeled pump in black and nude  

Off at 5: 1 - Kabana "Chocolate" Bronze  Mother of Pearl Drop Earrings, 2 - Brighton "Mingle" Dress Belt 3 - Brighton "Vera Leopard" Clutch, 4 - Ivanka Trump Collection Rock Crystal Ring, 5 - Brighton "Tesoro" Heeled Sandal in Biscotti

Comfy and Chic: 1 - Ayala Bar Earrings, 2 - Catherine Lillywhite's Scarf, 3 - Belle etoile Constellation Bangles, 4 - Brighton Vogue Convertible Bag, 5 - Brighton Badge Ballerina Flat  Proud to Be Me: 1- Dabakarov Birthstone Stud Earrings, 2- Heather Moore "Charming Collection" Necklace, 3 - Pandora Moments Bracelet, 4 -  Brighton Contempo Reversible Belt, 5 - Brighton Gaucho Boot  Ready for Anything: 1 - Brighton Born to be Wild Sunglasses, 2 - Ketterman's Button Pearl Stud Earrings, 3 - Ivanka Trump Collection Metropolis Octagonal Sliver Drop Necklace, 4 - Nina Nguyen Ammonite wrap bracelet, 5 - Henry Ferrera Rain Boots


   So, I'm still not sure exactly what Mom was trying to say by dressing us all alike, other than, "If found, please return to the other five dressed the same way".  But I know now there is a definite message I silently say when I prepare myself for the day, and whether you plan to or not, you do to.  Be sure to say what you mean to say, and wear it well.

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