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Change is Good

August 7, 2019

Change is good, and this is a change the Ketterman family has discussed and thought about for the past several years. Customers have often asked if we have some sort of number system to know who is next in line. Our “blessed with busy” has led us to move in that direction for service and repairs. In preparation for our new building layout, we are currently testing a check-in system for repairs and service.

20190808 161814 (2)

When you arrive at the store, if you have jewelry or watch repair or other “service” oriented needs (anything other than shopping), we will sign you in to a queue. Our “Waitlist” associate will ask your name and cell phone number and how we can care for you, the same identifiers we have requested in the past, simply in a different location. This will allow customers to know an approximate wait time as soon as they arrive in the store, to determine if they have time to wait. Ketterman’s associates can then communicate with customers via text to update them of their status on the waitlist.

One goal of this service check-in system is to allocate our staff to better meet our customers’ needs. In the past we have experienced difficulties and caused confusion for customers by not having clear directions on where to go and what to do where. We have caused frustration in not having associates available to serve those who had been waiting longest.

We will now have shopping assistants available to our customers who are “just here to shop” (we know it’s never “just” shopping at Ketterman’s…) and service specialists for customers with repairs and service. There will always be an associate assigned to the register, so those of you shopping will not have to wait for an associate to become available to complete your transaction. The hope is that when you need assistance, someone is standing close-by to serve.

20190808 162005 (2)

This new system will allow us to better care-for our customers in several ways. Our service specialists will be assigned to customers in the order in which they enter the store. This allows customers to enjoy the store instead of standing in a line. When your service specialist is ready to care for you, you will receive a message on your phone asking you to head to the back of the store (to the teacup chandelier). You will be notified of your service specialist’s name and they will already know yours so you can easily find each other. By noting service needs as customers arrive, our service specialist can be better prepared before you arrive at the back counter.

We are still refining this system and genuinely welcome and appreciate feedback and suggestions for improvement. Thank you for growing with us through the years and bearing with us while we adjust to our new system and prepare to move to our new space (January 2020).

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