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Family Sunday

December 16, 2019

Ketterman's is closed on Sundays.  This as a day to spend with family, recharge and be grateful for what the Lord has done.  One Sunday a year, the Sunday before Christmas, Ketterman's is open, but it is not a typical day, it is our "Ketterman Family Day".  It has become a fun tradition to have the Ketterman Daughters (not just those who work here regularly) along with husbands and children run the store for the day.  For many years we were able to handle the number of customers with just the family working, but as needs have become greater and more specialized, we now ask our staff members to help as well.  There are several families who have made it their tradition to visit us on this specific day and it is such a joy to catch up on this day and throughout the year.  So, if you would like the Ketterman's fourth generation to help you with your Christmas shopping, Sunday, December 22 is the day to come in.  We are open 11-4 and look forward to welcoming you, and of course, we have Tammi's Rum Cake.  Be Blessed!

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