Moonglow Beaded Bracelet in White

Moonglow Beaded Bracelet in White

Moonglow Beaded Bracelet in White

Moonstone has been worn over the ages to encourage inner growth and strength. Here, Moonstone beads beads circle the wrist paired with our awe-inspiring lunar charm that lights in darkness like the moon itself, calling to mind a memory that’s held in your heart. 

Please provide the date for your moon at checkout.

  • Silver plated charm
  • 13mm moon phase image
  • 7" circumference
  • White Moonstone bead bracelet
  • Moonglow round tag


Product Details

Name Beaded Bracelet in White
Type Bracelet

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Kettermans Jewelers Moonglow

Moonglow is jewelry featuring a picture of the moon from the date of your choice.  Birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, birth of a child -- no matter the moment or milestone, we can match the moon to the occasion.  Moonglow shines by day, and actually glows at night after being exposed to direct sunlight.  Find Your Moon HERE!