Abby K.

Abby K.
Gift and Jewelry Specialist
Works At:

I was a sophomore in high school when all my friends were talking about a volunteering opportunity during Christmas season at a local jewelry store. Christmas is my favorite holiday of all and the season of giving, so I thought it would be something fun and something I had never done before. I signed up as a Charm Girl in December of 2016 and little did I know that I would love it.

I have been an official employee at Ketterman's since August of 2018 and enjoy every moment I am here, and always look forward to coming to work. I’ve always had a more reserved and quiet personality but working there has taught me get out of my comfort zone. I enjoy listening and meeting the people who come in, so when I get to know a customer and help them find a gift that they are truly confident in giving, it makes me feel a way that is indescribable and shows why it is such a unique place for me to work.

In order to keep a positive outlook on life I tell myself “Everything Happens for a Reason.” No matter what happens in life, it has a purpose even if it does not make sense in the moment. God has a plan for everyone and I am so happy that the Ketterman family is a part of mine.