Jewelry Specialist/CAD Design/Apparrel manager
Works At:

The Ketterman’s family has been my second family since I was very young, so I was thrilled to work for them while still in high school, and still am for almost 16 years.

I’ve learned many valuable skills and worn many hats while working at Ketterman’s. Customer service, sales, diamond and gem knowledge, precious metal characteristics, inventory management, visual display, style, custom design, function/fashion, engraving, and management skills (just to name a few). Currently I am using my CAD training to design one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. From repurposing grandma’s stones in an updated design to making an extra special ring to ‘pop the question’, I’m learning everyday, that the possibilities are endless.

One of my favorite ‘Tammi-isms’ (actually her father deserves the credit for this one) is ‘find a way or make one’. I continuously keep this in mind when designing and making design ideas come to life. Working very closely with our team of jewelers, we ensure your design is not only stunning, but also to insure that each item is heirloom quality. With these components, along with jewelry care tips from knowledgeable sales staff you can wear your custom design with confidence and pleasure for many years to come.