Gift and Jewelry Specialist
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My relationship with Ketterman’s began when I was growing up in Vienna. Dan’s parents owned a store that opened in the 1950’s. Our family always purchased birthday, anniversary, graduation gifts and more over the years. One of the special things they did in the store was engraving, which always fascinated me, along with repairs, cleaning and appraising jewelry to maintain their customer’s investment.

Many years later after moving to Leesburg with my husband, my mother informed me that Danny and Tammi were opening a jewelry store of their own in Leesburg carrying on the family business. Well, here I am! And guess what I did for them when I started 30 yrs. ago? Yep, engraving.

I watched them work tirelessly while growing their family of six beautiful daughters. It has been so inspiring to work along side their grown daughters and seeing them work with the same passion of caring for their customers, as their parents and grandparents had before them.

Time has passed and engraving is computer generated now. My passion has always been retail, and I still love to work at the store occasionally. Knowing how hard the family has worked to coordinate jewelry, gifts, clothing, diamond buying, special events, and services: it’s a pleasure for me to please, serve and make many new customers and friends.