Engraver, Jewelry and Gift Specialist, and Social Media
Works At:

I’ve known the Kettermans since I was four years old because one of my Uncles married their third daughter; so, they’re family.

I started as a Charm Girl. Charm Girls are helpers that work several hours a week, at the store, during the holidays for their favorite charity and attain work place experience. I began working as a permanent employee when I was sixteen. Now you can find me running around with my camera taking pictures and making videos for our social media pages, making sure we have plenty of charms from Rembrandt and Waxing Poetic and then diving into our stock of UNOde50.

Is my work “work”? No, not all because helping people solve problems and coming up with solutions brings me joy day after day. One thing I absolutely love the most, is creating a forever memory. It may be in a piece of jewelry, new or old, or in a jar of pickles (because we have them too!) there’s sentiment and a story behind all we do.